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[OFER-TRABEC] NAC: Pre-doctoral position in the Optical Networks and

Boletín semanal de ofertas de empleo publico

Institución:Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC)
Contacto correo-e:rrhh@cttc.es
Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC) is looking for a PhD student to work within the Optical Networks and Systems (ONS) Department. The PhD candidate will take part of the team activities and will be included in the Ph.D. program of Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC).

The PhD student research will be related to "DESTELLO" Spanish project (TEC2015-69256-R), which main objective aims at deploying a flexible, scalable and cost-efficient architectural and technological solution for interconnecting distributed data centers via optical networks along with supporting the stringent quality of service (QoS) requirements imposed by future 5G networks and services (http://www.cttc.es/project/destello-dynamic-flexible-orchestration-of-data-centers-and-programmable-elastic-optical-networks-and-systems/).

During their PhD training, the student will be strongly encouraged to publish at prestigious scientific journals and national/international conferences. Furthermore, there will be the chance to perform short term visits/stays in other Institutions/Universities in order to improve the knowledge of the PhD student on the research topic.

The position will shortly be published in the Spanish MINECO web site, where the interested candidates could apply for the 4 years grant, following the link:


Required skills:

• MSc degree in telecommunications, electrical engineering, computer science, or related fields, and capacity of carrying out innovative research, are highly encouraged to apply for this position.
• Programming skills (e.g. Matlab/python)
• Proactive communication skills and fluency in English

More details of the group publications, ongoing research and lab facilities can be found in: http://networks.cttc.es/ons/research/

For more information about the grant, please contact Dr. Raul Muñoz and Dr. Michela Svaluto Moreolo at (raul.munoz@cttc.es and michela.svaluto@cttc.es).

Información complementaria de la oferta:
CTTC seeks to increase the number of women in those areas where they are underrepresented and therefore explicitly encourages women to apply. CTTC is committed to increasing the number of individuals with disabilities in its workforce and therefore encourages applications from such qualified individuals.
About CTTC – www.cttc.cat

The CTTC is an advanced research center on Information Technologies, Communications and Geomatics, based in Castelldefels (Barcelona). Current research divisions include Communication Networks, Communication Systems, Communication Technologies and Geomatics.

CTTC staff is multidisciplinary and international and has a strong record of participation in European, national and industrial projects. The CTTC is based in the Mediterranean Park of Technology in Castelldefels (Spain), at only 30
minutes, by public transport, from Barcelona city centre. The Park provides excellent conditions for conducting focused research and additional facilities like a Campus Residency for workers and students.

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