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[Ofertas con perfil "Informática y Multimedia"] PhD positions in 3D computer graphics through ITN...

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PhD positions in 3D computer graphics through ITN DISTRO

Please notice the creation of the Marie Sk³odowska-Curie Innovative Training Network DISTRO (http://www.distro-itn.eu/), where, in the course of the next four years, we will train 15 Early Stage Researcher (ESR), allowing them to work towards a PhD, across a number of leading laboratories in Visual Computing and 3D Computer Graphics research across Europe (http://www.distro-itn.eu/participants/). The aim is to train a new generation of scientists, technologists, and entrepreneurs that will move Europe into a leading role in the  scientific and technological innovation in the area of casual, distributed 3d object design and customisation. All ESRs will be recruited for a period of 36 months, and will have secondments linked to their research to other partners in the network.

At present, there are openings for 6 PhD positions, at Universität des Saarlandes (Intel Visual Computing Institute, Saarbrücken), University College London (UCL), Univerzita Karlova v Praze (Charles University in Prague), Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz (DFKI, Saarbrücken) and Studio Gobo Ltd (Zurich Studio). Please find additional information at http://www.distro-itn.eu/recruitment/.

All ESRs must be, at the date of recruitment, within the first four years of his/her research career and not have a doctoral degree. In addition, they must not have spent more than 12 months in the host country in the 3 years prior to the date of recruitment.

ESRs are paid a competitive salary which is adjusted in accordance to your individual circumstances. Please see the individual adverts below to see details of the salary for your host country, as well as information on how to apply.

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