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Boletín semanal de ofertas de empleo publico

Institución:CIC Energigune
CIC Energigune is an energy research centre based in the Basque Country of Spain. Its mission is to play a leading role on the international stage in the field of energy storage technologies and contribute to the industrial competitiveness of Basque Country. CIC has a world-class research facility, cutting-edge equipments and a scientific committee composed of prominent scientists, entrepreneurs, and industrial experts. The centre is part of the Basque Science Research & Development Network depending of the industry subsystem.

We are now inviting applications for the position of Scientific Director in The Thermal Energy Storage (TES) area of CIC Energigune, which is focused on the research of systems that can store heat from medium to high temperatures. For that reason, different materials based on sensible and latent heat are being studied, simulations of new TES concepts are being performed, and design, construction and testing of new prototypes are being done in close collaboration between the three groups of the TES Area:
• Material Development & Characterization (MDC)
• Material & Device Modeling (MDM)
• Device Prototyping & Testing (DPT)

Job function

Reporting directly to the General Manager, the TES Scientific Director will be responsible for:
• providing scientific leadership for the area´s research programs
• maintaining the quality of research
• enhance existing programs
• develop new programs in materials sciences oriented to achieve a breakthrough in Thermal Energy Storage, based on heat transport and storage systems in the areas of Sensible heat storage and Latent heat storage, (including among others alternative molten salt formulations), Storage in reversible Thermochemical-Reactions and New Products associated with nanocrystals.

The Scientific Director will manage the budget of his/her area and around 20 staff and guests researchers. He / she is also expected to build collaborative programs:
• with the local universities.
• with the industry and technological centers in collaboration with the Technology Manager and Market Manager.

The Scientific Director is also expected to work as team member with other parts of CIC to ensure the smooth operation and long-term prospects of the institution as a whole. As an example, DPT will depend on the Technology Manager of the Centre with whom the TES Scientific Director will have to work closely. The TES Scientific Director will be part as well of the Management Board and Committee.

What we offer

We are offering a permanent position as Ikerbasque Research Professor that will give you a unique opportunity to manage a knowledgeable and experienced research team, and responsibility for coordinating the scientific area with other centers in guiding energy related basic and applied research.
As a Scientific Director you will find a flourishing scientific community conducting synergistic research in both the universities and other Labs and Technological Centers already operating in the region.

In addition to the appeal of the entire project, the CIC Energigune offers a competitive basic salary augmented by benefits that compare favorably with the best global private and public institutions. The Foundation will also help smooth the transition for you and your family, providing a welcome program that offers accommodation and addresses other aspects to help you integrate into the local environment.

What we need

The center is looking for a relevant Scientific Leader that will take the area and the centre to the next step. The TES Scientific Director will definitely contribute the centre gain recognition in the scientific field and the industrial field.

The TES Scientific Director will have to supervise the research lines so that they are oriented to the mid and long term needs of the industry of the Basque Country.

Moreover, The TES Scientific Director will have to manage a team of people ensuring cooperation and best functioning within a diverse group.

To meet the precedent goals we are looking for a motivated and experienced research leader capable of taking up this unique opportunity to develop an ambitious research program. Applicants should have a high degree of initiative and should be open to intense interdisciplinary collaboration with other research centers. Applicants must also demonstrate a recognized scientific and industrial career path.

The candidate should hold a PhD in Engineering, Chemistry or Physics, with experience in the field of High and Medium Temperature Heat Storage Systems; and should be familiar with the various physical and chemical phenomena associated with high capacity heat storage systems. We will assess expertise in the following aspects:

o Demonstrated group leadership and management.
o Facilitate teamwork, negotiation skills and conflict resolution. Communication skills.
o Project oriented person in order to manage resources effectively, find solutions and achieve goals.
o Basic and applied R&D.
o Industrial R&D projects.
o R&D diffusion (scientific publications, seminars, conferences, etc.)
o Patents.

We expect high readiness to work with strong engagement and creativity in an interdisciplinary and international environment.

Applicants should be fluent in English. Knowledge of Spanish and/or Basque will be considered useful but not compulsory.

Información complementaria de la oferta:
All applicants are invited to submit a detailed curriculum vitae at

The selected candidate will be offered a position as Ikerbasque Research Professor should she/he meet the scientific standards of Ikerbasque´s (the Basque Foundation for Science) call to attract senior researchers to the Research Institutions in the Basque Country.

CIC Energigune is committed to affirmative action, equal opportunity and the diversity of its workforce.

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