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[OFER-TRABEC] NAC: Postdoc Position in Na ion batteries

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Institución:CIC Energigune

CIC Energigune is a new energy research centre based in the Basque Country of Spain. Its mission is to play a leading role on the international stage in the field of energy storage technologies and contribute to the industrial competitiveness of Basque Country. CIC has a world-class research facility, cutting-edge equipments, an experienced management team, and a scientific committee composed of prominent scientists, entrepreneurs, and industrial experts. (

CIC Energigune is seeking an experienced Researcher to engage in the research and development of positive and negative electrodes for Na ion rechargeable batteries.

Job function:
 Design and synthesize new positive and negative electrodes for Na ion batteries.
 Characterize the materials using analytical instruments.
 Perform electrode preparation, cell fabrication, and electrochemical testing of the materials.
 Perform a full Na ion rechargeable battery.
 Scale up material synthesis.

Qualification requirements:
 PhD in Materials Science, Solid-state Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Electrochemistry or related fields.
 Training and expertise in full electrochemical characterization in positive and negative electrodes.
 Experience in material synthesis, structural refinement of X-Ray and Neutron diffraction data.
 Experience in analysis of Electron diffraction data, Transmission and Scanning electron Microscopy.
 A team player who can collaborate with other groups, technical centers, and industries.
 Good verbal and written communication skills in English

What we offer:
We are offering a 24 -36 month position within interesting projects in the field of solid electrolyte, and important professional development opportunities.

In addition to the appeal of the entire project, the CIC Energigune offers a competitive basic salary augmented by important benefits such as special conditions for a private health insurance that compare favorably with the best global private and public institutions

The Fundación will also help smooth the transition for you and your family, providing a welcome programme that offers accommodation and addresses other aspects to help you integrate into the local environment

Información complementaria de la oferta:
All applicants are invited to submit detailed curriculum vitae and 2 reference letters at
The selection process ends once a candidate is selected.

CIC Energigune is committed to affirmative action, equal opportunity and the diversity of its workforce.

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