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[OFER-TRABEC] NAC: Professional Competencies Professor

Boletín semanal de ofertas de empleo publico

Institución:Universidad Antonio de Nebrija
Contacto correo-e:seleccion@nebrija.es
Professional Competencies Professor:

- Design specific materials and activities to promote the development of soft skills (onsite classes combine face-to-face activities and online activities). Adapt them to the concrete needs of the group. Regularly update the virtual campus, ensuring that all the meaningful information and evidence of the training activities is available in it.
-Teach contents, provide constant feedback and coaching, and guide the activities. Provide individual tutoring sessions when necessary.
-Design, apply a correct evaluation activities including 2 exams and an Individual Development Plan. Generate and systematically collect evidence of the activities carried out.
- Attend regular meetings with the department and/or the Faculty. Provide recap, and proactively report any incidents. Collaborate with the department and the Faculty in the dissemination of activities and other initiatives.
- These subjects are fully practical and intend to promote self-development and employability in young adults. Therefore, the methods applied are active, participative, and require excellent emotional intelligence skills in order to create a positive, supportive and non-judgemental environment, to encourage personal change and perseverance through adversity, and to provide the right feedback in difficult situations or about delicate topics.
- Some of the usual activities for these subjects are: group exercises, role-playing, debates, and simulations, oral presentations, writing individual diaries, logbooks, or other self-analysis and self-monitoring activities. Both the type of subject and the type of student are demanding and require solid coaching and teaching skills, as well as a resourceful and positive mindset.

At the same time, academic rigour and good theoretical knowledge is necessary to design complementary materials and to provide meaningful feedback and help students properly analyse each event. Some of the essential contents for these subjects are: emotional intelligence, leadership, communication, conflict resolution and negotiation skills, team work, creativity, stress management skills, etc. A good research profile will be highly valued.

The classes are fully taught in English. Consequently, the right candidate is expected to have a minimum level of C1. Oral fluency in English will be tested at the beginning of the recruitment process.

Información complementaria de la oferta:


- PhD qualification in a related field.
- Accreditation from ANECA or equivalent body and a relevant researching experience will be highly valued.
- Proficient English speaking and writing skills (level C1).
- +3 yrs. experience with dynamic teaching methodologies, project-based learning and group coaching or similar.
- Professional experience in other fields, especially multinational organizations, will be highly valued.
- Competent user of new technologies. Ability to learn and act independently. Experience in new technology-based education projects or innovative activities will be highly valued.
- Knowledge field: Professional Competencies.

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