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[OFER-TRABEC] NAC: Marine Earth Observation Scientists & Developers

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Bolsas de empleo:

Institución:Plymouth Marine Laboratory (Plymouth, UK)
Contacto correo-e:spa@pml.ac.uk
PML has a number of open-ended and one year positions available to work within Remote Sensing, one of our fastest growing groups.

The group comprises a multi-disciplinary team of scientists with expertise in remote-sensing, physics, meteorology, engineering, computer vision and computer science.

The post-holders will undertake research and development on Ocean Colour projects at PML involving one or more of the following tasks:

1) Lead development and implementation of systems for processing and analysis of Sentinel-3 ocean and land colour imager (OLCI) data for near-real time and archived observation of ocean colour around the UK, North Atlantic and globally.

2) Contribute to product development and to support data requests, e.g. providing advice on use of data sets.

3) Analyse and publish results from the ocean colour systems.

4) Assist with improvement and maintenance of existing ocean colour data processing systems for NASA MODIS, NOAA VIIRS and former sensors, including organising large-scale reprocessing. Maintain necessary external codebases in our existing ocean colour data processing systems, such as NASA's SeaDAS, exploring other packages as needed.

Experience & Eligibility Requirements:

-You will either have a PhD or 3+ years post-graduate experience in a numerate or scientific discipline.

-Ideally with experience in Earth Observation data processing and handling.

-You must have proven experience and skills in computer programming (e.g. C, Python, Java, IDL), preferably in a Linux environment.

-You will have excellent team and interpersonal skills and be able to manage time and priorities.

Closing date: 1200hrs on Friday 27th November 2015

Información complementaria de la oferta:
Please visit https://advanced.advorto.com/pml/VacancyInformation.aspx?VId=18927 to apply.
If you have any questions regarding the position please email:careers@pml.ac.uk

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