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Institución:Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV)
Contacto correo-e:francisco.huera@urv.cat
The Laboratory for Fluid-Structure Interaction (LIFE) (http://www.etseq.urv.es/life) of the Department
of Mechanical Engineering at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV) (www.urv.cat) in Tarragona (Spain),
is looking for an enthusiastic research student with a strong interest in fluid dynamics. Successful
candidates will join a small but very active multidisciplinary team, working in fluid-structure interaction
problems. The research will be mainly experimental and focused in the area of fluid-structure
interaction with application to several engineering problems. Some of the topics that will considered
during the research include but are not limited to: bio-inspired locomotion, flapping based propulsion,
energy harvesting systems etc…

The work will be mainly experimental and will be carried out at the URV department facilities, including
two wind tunnels and a large free surface water channel. There is also the possibility to use and develop
CFD and FEM prediction tools.

CANDIDATES: Successful candidates must hold a Master degree in Engineering (at least equivalent to a
5 years course in Engineering), in the areas of Mechanical, Industrial, Aeronautical, Naval or Civil
Engineering. Preference will be given to candidates able to demonstrate the following desired skills:

- Matlab or another scientific programming language.
- LabVIEW or other instrumentation oriented programming language.
- Mechanical engineering design tools such as Pro/Engineer, …
- Finite Element packages such as ANSYS, ABAQUS,…
- Experience with the use of optical measurement techniques, with emphasis in PIV.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Interested candidates should contact Prof. Francisco J Huera-Huarte
(francisco.huera@urv.cat) by email, attaching a recent CV (with photography) and the name and
contact details of 2 academic referees (no letters necessary). Please, include your full name and your
Passport (NIE, NIF, DNI) number in the email. To avoid problems with the Spam filters, include in the
SUBJECT OF THE EMAIL the following text: URV 2015 PhD studentships, otherwise application might
not be processed.

Please, note that just by sending me an email you have not entered the application process. The
application process is managed by URV and requires a series of documents to be presented by the
applicants through a website system.

- Application form completed in accordance to the electronic instructions and addressed to the
Rector of the URV
- Photocopy of identity card, resident's card or passport currently in force.
- Curriculum Vitae
- Photocopy of the certificate of the official academic qualification or proof of payment of the
fees for the issuance of the certificate that allows the holder to access the doctoral studies.
- Photocopy of academic transcript of the undergraduate degree.
- Photocopy of academic transcript of the master's degree. Candidates who have not completed
their master's degrees must send their provisional academic transcript.
- Other merits

The Application form must be presented electronically through the system, but it must also be
presented in any of the legal ways established by URV: Registry of URV, Auxiliary URV registries,
telematic URV registry, Spanish Government registries, Spanish Postal Service registry, Spanish
Diplomatic representations or Consular offices.

Any application not fulfilling all these requirements will not be considered. Full details of the call and
the complete application procedure appears at URV Martí Franquès Program website. Strict deadlines
apply to the call.

Información complementaria de la oferta:
Prof. Francisco Huera-Huarte

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