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Institución:IMDEA Materiales Institute
Contacto correo-e:jobs.materiales@imdea.org
IMDEA Materials Institute seeks a:

Research assistant
(MSc degree in Materials science, Chemistry, Computer science or a related field)
(Ref: MATDISCO-01)

to work on a project within a newly-organized research line focused on computational and data-driven materials discovery. This research line involves development and/or applications of software tools and approaches for the design of advanced materials. These tools and approaches are multidisciplinary, and combine aspects of computational chemistry, material informatics, applied math, statistics and computer science. They could also be referred to as 'Big Data' and 'Materials Genome'methodologies.
The exact scope of the to-be-pursuit project will be determined on the basis of current needs as well as the previous experience, skills and interests of the successful candidate. For example, it may involve optimization-based materials design, similarity-based materials screening, data and structure mining of material databases, structure prediction and enumeration, development of software and web-based tools for materials analysis etc.

Requirements: As the project is multidisciplinary in nature, candidates holding a MSC degree in material science, chemistry, crystallography, chemoinformatics, physics, applied math, statistics or computer science are welcome to apply. However, experience in at least one of the following is necessary: computational chemistry/materials modeling tools (e.g. electronic structure, molecular simulations, chemoinformatics), practical knowledge of a common programming language (e.g. C, C++, Python), web-development skills (e.g. Django), statistical analysis/machine learning or text mining tools. This required experience needs to be demonstrated by, for example, a completed dissertation, a scientific publication, a working open-source software or a website etc.

Moreover, it is expected that the successful candidate will be independent, creative, curiosity-driven, motivated to explore solutions to difficult scientific problems, and have strong work ethics. Excellent academic credentials will be highly regarded. Strong communication skills in English (both spoken and written) are necessary in this position. The candidate will have to be enrolled in the "Sistema Nacional de Garantía Juvenil" (requirements can be consulted here).

Información complementaria de la oferta:
The candidate will have to be enrolled in the "Sistema Nacional de Garantía Juvenil"

Contact: Interested candidates should submit their Curriculum and motivation letter through the institute's website: http://www.materials.imdea.org/open-positions/applicationform?ref=DISCO-01

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