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Boletín semanal de ofertas de empleo publico

Institución:Instituto Investigación Sanitaria de Santiago de Compostela
Contacto correo-e:lmuirom@gmail.com
Research position to be part of Oncomet group and work into the field of Liquid Biopsy

What we offer?

• The incorporation in Oncomet (www.oncomet.es), within the Health Research Institute of Santiago (IDIS; www.idisantiago.es), officially recognized in 2010 by the National Health Institute (Instituto de Salud Carlos III) as one of the Health Research Institutes created to cultivate excellence in biomedical research. The institute includes over 60 research groups and 700 researchers.
• A translational research project: The Area of Oncology is configured with the aim that the clinical criteria define the basis of the research projects to rapidly revert to the patient.
• Integration in a multidisciplinary research team: including inputs from different research fields and covering the areas of molecular and cellular biology, liquid biopsy, preclinical models and nano-medicine.
• Attractive scientific environment: The University Hospital is integrated in the International Campus of Excellence "Campus Vida".
• Attractive social environment: Santiago de Compostela is the capital of Galicia and home to a historic center declared World Heritage Site. The city is also home to its historic University (500 years old) with more than 35.000 students. The cultural offer of the city is very broad, and its accessible environment results in an excellent life quality.
• Competitive salary according to the standards of Spanish University.

What will be the reponsibilities of the candidate?

• Organize and manage human samples collection from different hospitals.
• Design and perform experiments and studies focused on liquid biopsy field; develop, introduce and implement technical methodologies and techniques; Work on experiment data collection, data analysis, and summary report.
• Interpret study results, evaluates data and draws relevant conclusions.
• Identify complex problems (e.g. overall raw data quality, inconsistency of results, appropriateness of study design/approach/technology, scientific approaches to address demanding issues) and devise creative and workable solutions.
• Present scientific/technical work at internal/external meetings or recognized achievements in the development of new procedures.
• Publish internally and/or externally as main contributor; reviews current literature in own discipline and closely related areas.
• Supervise junior scientists and/or technicians, where applicable.


• Degree in Life sciences (such as Biology, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Genetics and Biochemistry, etc) with three to six years of lab experience.
• In-depth knowledge of molecular biology and bioinformatics.
• High experience in human sample processing, mainly using liquid biopsies such as blood or urine.
• Strong background in high-sensitivity nucleic acid amplification and detection coupled with automated sample processing platforms and technologies, extensive experience in the development of DNA/RNA based assays to detect genetic variation and mutation.
• Hands-on experience on nucleic acid sample preparation, gene expression profiling, real time PCR, digital PCR, next generation sequencing, mutation detection, and cell culture.
• Experience using bioinformatics and statistics tools such as SPSS, R, IPA, GO, etc.

• Doctoral thesis
• Experience in circulating tumour cells (CTCs) and ctDNA analysis
• A great team player in multidisciplinary environment, capable of multiple tasking.
• Good verbal and writing skills using English
• Possibility of immediate incorporation

Candidates can see the official call and the documentation required to apply for the position at http://atriumkm.fundacionramondominguez.es/bin/Call/201706071400201706162359ctto055.

Información complementaria de la oferta:
If you need more information, please contact with Laura Muinelo (lmuirom@gmail.com)

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