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[OFER-TRABEC] NAC: Call for BIOINFORMATICIAN with experience in genom

Boletín semanal de ofertas de empleo publico

Institución:Lab 12 Centro de Investigación del Cáncer
Call for BIOINFORMATICIAN with experience in genomics

The offer is aimed at students currently completing or who have already completed a master degree in related subjects: Bioinformatics or equivalent work experience as a bioinformatician with large-scale genomics data, preferably with experience in analyzing data from massive sequencing.

- Knowledge in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) analysis (genome/exome sequencing, both germline and somatic, RNA-seq and whole genome and BS-seq).
- Experience in R/Bioconductor and Python programming.
- Other informatics knowledge will be valued.
- Experience working with Linux in an HPC environment (clusters, SGE, etc…).
- Good English communication skills. Spanish language is valuable.
- Candidates must show initiative, independent thinking as well as capability to work in collaborative environments. He/she will be part of a multidisciplinary international research team.

- Biological data analysis: data process and analysis from different projects and platforms such as NGS.
- Design, develop and maintain the data analysis pipelines for the lab.
- Provide support to the other lab members on experimental design and data analysis plan for various research projects.
- Contribute to the existing genetic diagnostics data analysis platform and pipelines.

- EU citizens or of any nationality with current/active Spanish work permit.


- Full time contract
- Salary according to candidate's experience.

HOST GROUP led by Jesús M. Hernández Rivas
We are a Research Group in Molecular Cytogenetics, IECSCYL-IBSAL, and Cancer Research Centre (CIC) at the University of Salamanca (Spain).
The candidate will have the opportunity to initiate and conduct research within Next Generation Sequencing and Big Data Studies. The research lines are translational Hematology, focused in hematological tumor transformation, characterization of new therapeutic targets, analyzing data from massive sequencing.
The group has been involved in many national and international research projects, such as IRON, ELAN (European Study for the Evaluation of NGS In Leukemia Diagnosis) and NGS-PTL "Next Generation Sequencing Platform for Personalized Therapy for Leukemia "program of FP7- HEALTH-2012INNOVATION-1.
At present, Prof. Hernández Rivas is the Project Coordinator of the Project HARMONY. HARMONY is a European Network of Excellence that captures, integrates, analyzes and harmonizes Big Data from high quality multidisciplinary sources for the purpose of acquiring valuable knowledge across the spectrum of hematologic malignancies.

To apply, please send your CVN (pdf) and names and contact information for 1-2 researchers that are familiar with you and with your work to Rocío Benito (, till Jun 1th, 2017, indicating as e-mail subject: ' Call for BIOINFORMATICIAN S'
Review of applications will start immediately and continue until de position is filled.

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Información complementaria de la oferta:
Jesús M Hernández Rivas/Rocío Benito
Lab 12 Centro de Investigación del Cáncer de Salamanca
campus Unamuno s/n

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