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Information Society Newsroom Update Weekly - 15/06/2012

Weekly Issue - 15 June 2012

Latest News

Commission calls on Dutch regulator to look again at termination rate plans

(13 June 2012) The European Commission has decided to require the Dutch telecoms regulator (OPTA) to amend or withdraw a fixed and mobile termination rates proposal which would negatively affect consumers in the Netherlands. Termination rates are the rates which telecoms networks charge each other to deliver calls between their respective networks. These costs are ultimately included in call prices paid by consumers and businesses. This is the first time that the Commission has issued a recommendation under Article 7a of the Telecoms Directive.

Commission clears state aid to an ultra-fast broadband network in Birmingham

(12 June 2012) The European Commission has found a proposal by the United Kingdom to grant around EUR 6 million of public financing for the construction of an ultra-fast broadband network in the city of Birmingham to be in line with EU state aid rules, in particular because it will be genuinely open to all operators and will therefore promote competition.

Commission queries Czech regulator's plans to regulate access to its broadband networks

(11 June 2012) The European Commission has decided to further investigate the proposal by the Czech telecoms regulator (CTU) to partially lift obligations on the main Czech telecoms operator Telefonica to give alternative operators access to its infrastructure, so they can also offer broadband. Without this access, the choice of operators offering high-speed Internet in the Czech Republic would be limited and consumers might have to pay higher prices for higher speed Internet connections. The Commission has serious doubts whether CTU's proposal not to impose regulation on wholesale broadband access in municipalities where Telefonica allegedly faces more intense competition from alternative infrastructures is compatible with EU telecoms rules. The Commission also believes that CTU's plans could affect trade in the EU as the conditions for access to Telefonica's copper and fibre network in the Czech Republic can determine the cost of Internet services offered by other operators in the other Member States. The Commission has therefore suspended CTU's plans and started a so-called 'Phase 2' investigation.

Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation - Information Day

2 July 2012 London, United Kingdom

Collective Awareness Platforms for Social Innovation and Sustainable Social Changes (CAPS) are ICT systems that use the emerging "network effect" by combining open online social media, distributed knowledge creation and data from real environments (Internet of Things), in order to create new forms of social innovation. They are expected to support environmentally aware, grassroots processes and practices to share knowledge, to achieve changes in lifestyle, production and consumption patterns, and to set up more participatory democratic processes. This information day aims to generate ideas to solve societal problems using collective intelligence, knowledge and insight. Ideas could then be developed into proposals for the forthcoming ICT Call 10.

See also: Collective Awareness Platforms

Online Engagement Digital Agenda Assembly 2012

(15 June 2012) There is only one week left for the next meeting of the Digital Agenda Assembly (Brussels, 21-22 June) and more than 1000 members keep discussing on the online discussion platform which Neelie Kroes launched on 19 April in preparation both for the aforementioned meeting as well as the review of the Digital Agenda for Europe later in the year. The 40 members making the most interesting contributions have been invited to the Assembly in Brussels. Amongst others, there is an active online discussion group of High Speed Connections, featuring a lively debate on how next generation broadband could contribute to create jobs also in rural areas. In the Security group a survey is ongoing for identifying the most appropriate incentives to ICT security investment. A recent discussion on Social Media, analyses the way the European Parliament has attracted thousands of followers and fans on most popular networks. The group on Data hosts many lively discussions from the reuse of "Open Apps" to the importance of sensor data. If you are interested in these or other issues discussed in the platform, join and contribute to the debate!


ICT-driven Innovation in Factories of the Future

9 July 2012 - 10 July 2012 Brussels, Belgium

The Factories of the Future (FoF) initiative, a part of the European Commission's Economic Recovery Plan, aims at helping European manufacturing enterprises to adapt to global competitive pressures by improving the technological base of manufacturing across a broad range of sectors. This workshop will inform about the Public Private Partnership-FoF-ICT Work Programme 2013 and will provide an opportunity to discuss the outcome of recent roadmapping activities in the domain ICT for Manufacturing. It is organised back to back to the PPP FoF, Energy Efficient Buildings and Green Car InfoDays.

See also: FP7 Information Day on Research PPPs

Interim Assessment of the Future Internet PPP

(12 June 2012) The panel of independent experts confirm in this report the continued relevance of the initiative and make a series of recommendations for improvements.

New in the Library

Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda
A European vision for Internet governance

European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) seminar, Stockholm, 14 June 2012

EU Task Force on e-Health: Redesigning health in Europe for 2020

8 June 2012

This report focuses on how to achieve a vision of affordable, less intrusive and more personalised care. Ultimately, increasing the quality of life as well as lowering mortality. Such a vision depends on the application of ICT and the use of data. The Task Force behind this report was convened to explore the potential of ICT in health innovation in the EU and make recommendations on what could be done now to ensure that Europe reaps the full benefits of eHealth in 2020.

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