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Information Society Newsroom Update Weekly - 22/06/2012

Weekly Issue - 22 June 2012

Latest News

European Nanoelectronics Forum

20 November 2012 - 21 November 2012 Munich, Germany

This yearly forum brings together key players from industry, academia and public authorities. The topics range from research and technology developments in nanoelectronics, innovation in Europe and the semiconductor market to what lies ahead for the European nanoelectronics industry. Participation to the event is restricted, but a request for an invitation can be sent to the organisers.

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Pan-European Forum on Media Pluralism and New Media

27 June 2012 Brussels, Belgium

The new media revolution seems to have overturned many old certainties. But is the technological change matched by fundamental shifts of power and influence, or will the traditional big players continue to wield vast influence? Do the new media contribute to, or undermine, a pluralistic public sphere? Do new technologies overcome bottlenecks related to traditional media - do they create new information gatekeepers? The event will offer a forum to discuss opportunities and risks for media pluralism resulting from new media. It takes place in the European Parliament and will bring together politicians, traditional and new media, academics, NGOs, judges and leaders from the music, film and book industries. The event is free but registration is required (closing date: 25 June).

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"Tech All Stars" award for most innovative web start-up company

(22 June 2012) Cognicor Technologies, a Spanish start-up offering an automated complaint resolution service, is the winner of Europe's "Tech All Stars" prize, an EU-wide competition to find the best web start-up, awarded by European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes. Cognicor will showcase its company at the Digital Agenda Assembly today in Brussels.

Awards show how digital technologies can help reduce exclusion and improve job prospects

(22 June 2012) The European Commission has awarded prizes to the winners of the eInclusion awards at the Digital Agenda Assembly held in Brussels on 21st and 22nd June 2012. People from all walks of life participated in two categories of a competition: "I am Part of IT" designed for individuals and organisations whose use of IT helped overcome exclusion or brought new skills; and "Be Part of IT" designed for organisations or individuals who champion e-Inclusion by undertaking and supporting relevant initiatives.

Commission asks Court of Justice to fine Poland for not fully implementing Audiovisual Media Services Directive Useful Links

(21 June 2012) The European Commission has decided to refer Poland to the EU Court of Justice for failing to fully implement EU audiovisual media services Directive. Poland has partially implemented the Directive but not the provisions concerning on-demand services. This means that providers of such services are not obliged to protect viewers, especially children, from hidden advertising (such as subliminal advertising) or from content containing incitement to hatred. Nor does Poland respect the rules on the European content of services provided on-demand. Poland should have implemented the Directive in full, including the rules for on-demand services, by December 2009.

Commission urges Estonia to ensure impartial regulation in telecoms sector

(21 June 2012) The European Commission has sent a formal request to Estonia to comply with EU rules that require a clear separation between the bodies which regulate telecoms markets and those providing telecoms services. This separation is essential to preserve the impartiality of national telecoms regulators, guaranteeing fair regulation for consumers and businesses and maintaining competition. According to EU telecoms rules, national authorities exercising regulatory tasks cannot at the same time be involved in the ownership or control of telecoms companies.

Commission queries Finnish telecoms regulator's plans not to impose strict price control for wholesale broadband markets

(19 June 2012) The European Commission has decided to further investigate whether the Finnish telecoms regulator, FICORA, should allow regional Finnish telecoms operators to give alternative operators access to their broadband networks without proper pricing regulation. The Commission has, inter alia, serious doubts whether FICORA's decision not to impose cost-oriented prices for access to fibre networks of dominant operators in Finland contravenes EU telecoms rules. In the Commission's view, FICORA's decision could have a negative effect on competition and the future development of fibre and copper networks. Current prices for fibre local loops are already high. This suggests that dominant operators, without proper regulation, are in a position to charge access rates at excessive levels. As a consequence of the proposed regulatory approach, those operators who would normally immediately obtain access to regulated fibre-based products, may have to open dispute settlement procedures (delaying the price implementation) or wait for FICORA's intervention. In both scenarios market entries may be significantly delayed. The Commission has therefore suspended UKE's plans and started a 3 month investigation.

Annual scoreboard confirms need for structural economic reform across Europe and surplus of ICT jobs; big trend towards mobile services and technology

(18 June 2012) Europe's citizens, businesses and innovators are generating enough digital demand to put Europe into sustainable economic growth, but failure to supply enough fast internet, online content, research and relevant skills is undermining this potential. Greater data consumption and a shift to mobile technologies (such as smartphones) and mobile services (such as 3G internet, music streaming and webmail) are the most significant trends in the information & communications technologies (ICT) sector, which now accounts for 8 million jobs and 6% of EU GDP.

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New in the Library

Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda
The Digital Agenda two years on: is Europe well-placed?

Digital Agenda Assembly, Brussels 21 June 2012

The Czech Republic, home of robotics

19 June 2012

In 1920, Czech writer Karel Capek introduced the word 'robot' to the world. His play R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) was a work of science fiction, but robots, albeit very different from how Capek imagined them, are rapidly becoming a reality today. Their development is being helped by groundbreaking research taking place in the Czech Republic, a country with a long history of innovation in many fields.

Belgium, the land of big breakthroughs

19 June 2012

Look around your home and you will almost certainly find something that has its origins in Belgium. Though perhaps best known today for beer, chocolate, waffles and the headquarters of the EU, Belgium has long been a big player in science, and discoveries by Belgian researchers, scientists and industrialists have had a huge role in shaping the modern world.

Communicate with the future

19 June 2012

Digital information comes in myriad forms and formats, so how can we make sure that today's data is not lost forever in inaccessible legacy forms? An EU-funded project has developed a framework that ensures we will always be able to use data, however and wherever it is saved and stored.

Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda
Finding the spectrum to power the wireless revolution

Spectrum Management Conference, Brussels, 19 June

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