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Please support OCW – here when you need it

Please support OCW – here when you need it
Please support OCW – here when you need it
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OCW is always open and offers the educational resources you need – whenever you need it. Every day, our users tell us how OCW's materials have helped them maintain or upgrade their qualifications. Christine, a public school teacher in California, told us:

"I used to teach sixth-grade math, but I now must pass a test in linear algebra to update my credential. 
However, all the linear algebra courses at local colleges are during school hours. 
Now I can learn the material at my own pace so my teaching won't suffer, I can do it for free, and I can get the information from one of the best possible sources. 
Thank you again, for my personal benefit, as well as for the countless people who now will have access to the education they need."

Through OCW, educators like Christine gain the flexibility that is critical in improving their own knowledge, which ultimately enhances their ability to teach the next generation of leaders and problem-solvers.
need your renewed help to continue to serve up quality open learning resources, available day or night.
If you haven't already and can afford to do so, please consider
renewing your support for OCW during our spring campaign.
Your ongoing donations, large or small, makes a difference.  If you have already donated, we thank you for continuing to support our work.
Cecilia d'Oliveira
Executive Director
MIT OpenCourseWare
p.s. You can make your donation count event more with a matching gift from your company. To find out whether your company has a matching gift policy, please enter your employer's name in the
MIT matching gifts page.
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