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[OFER-TRABEC] NAC: Researcher position at the research unit "Computin

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Bolsas de empleo:

Institución:European Centre for Soft Computing

The candidate will work in the "Computing with Perceptions" research unit in the field of natural language generation and understanding. She/he is expected to work in applied projects including contracts with companies. The unit has a multidisciplinary approach related with Fuzzy Logic, Linguistics, Computer Science and the other areas belonging to Cognitive Science.

Required academic degree:

The candidate must hold an Engineer degree in Electronics, Communications, Computer Science or similar.

Candidate's requirements:

Research experience in Soft Computing or the other related areas.
Experience developing applications in several programming languages.
Demonstrated capacity to work in team.
Fluent English (written and spoken).

Información complementaria de la oferta:
Additional valuable skills:

Experience in Computational Linguistics.
Doctor degree in a related field.

General Conditions:

Three years contract with annual evaluations
Gross yearly salary between 25k€ and 30 k€ according to qualifications and experience. Approximately, 90% of the salary is fixed and 10% depends on the annual performance of the candidate.

Application deadline:

30th of April 2015.

Application Procedure:

Please send CV and Cover Letter (in Spanish or English)

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