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[OFER-TRABEC] NAC: Senior Researcher position in the research unit ''

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Institución:European Centre for Soft Computing

The Intelligent Data Analysis and Graphical Models Research Unit of the European Centre for Soft Computing (ECSC) wishes to appoint a senior researcher (postdoctoral or associate researcher) in Intelligent Data Analysis, who is not only able to carry out research work, but also feels comfortable working on projects in industrial and financial data analysis. The planned research work is mainly directed towards frequent pattern mining (with applications to neurobiology, especially spike train analysis, and GPS data) as well as classification, regression and clustering approaches. Project work will start in the financial sector (credit card and account data) as well as customer data (products and prices), but may shift to other areas depending on what projects are acquired by the ECSC. Solid knowledge of fundamental statistics and (at least) basic data analysis methods (like regression, decision trees, Bayes classifiers, neural networks, rule induction etc.) are mandatory. Exper
ience with data analysis projects, also in other areas than those mentioned above, is highly welcome. Candidates should be able to work autonomously, developing their own ideas and approaches, and should be able to put together complete solutions to data analysis problems from available building blocks, preferably using a scripting language (like Python) or a programming language (like Java or C/C++), but should also expect to implement specialized methods if necessary..

Required academic degree:

PhD in computer science, mathematics (preferably statistics) or a related technical/mathematical topic.

Candidate's requirements:

Solid knowledge of statistics and basic data analysis methods.
Some experience in data analysis/data mining/machine learning.
Fluent English (written and spoken)

Información complementaria de la oferta:
Additional valuable skills:

Programming experience (preferably Python, Java, C/C++).
Project experience in data analysis.

General Conditions:

3 years contract with annual evaluations.
Gross yearly salary between 32k€ and 45k€ according to qualifications and experience.

Application deadline:

30th of April 2015.

Application Procedure:

Please send CV and Cover Letter (in Spanish or English) as well as the contact details of 2 referees to

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