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[OFER-TRABEC] NAC: Researcher Position at the research unit "Applicat

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Bolsas de empleo:

Institución:European Centre for Soft Computing

The candidate will work for the research projects of the AFE unit within the fields of optimization, data mining and soft computing for marketing. She/he is also expected to collaborate writing new project proposals.
In particular, she/he will be in charge of the design and development of incoming projects about system dynamics, agent-based modeling for social simulation, social networks and the application of soft computing techniques. The candidate could be also assigned to other projects (both basic and applied research) related to machine learning and multi-objective optimization.

Required academic degree:

MsC. in Computer Science.

Candidate's requirements:

PhD in Computer Science (or related areas), or close to finish it (PhD Student with two years of experience at least).
Experience in publishing scientific publications (JCR journals).
Experience in R&D projects.
Good programming skills (Java, C++, R).
Fluent English (written and spoken).

Scientific competences:

Social simulation, agent-based modeling and/or system dynamics.
Optimization and metaheuristics.
Experience with machine learning.
Marketing and/or economics.

Información complementaria de la oferta:
Additional valuable skills:

Knowledge in fuzzy logic.
Experience writing research project proposals.

General Conditions:

Three years contract with annual reviews.
Gross yearly salary between 25k€ and 32 k€ according to qualifications and experience. Approximately, 90% of the salary is fixed and 10% depends on the annual performance of the candidate.

Application deadline:

30th of April 2015.

Application Procedure:

Please send CV and Cover Letter (in Spanish or English) to

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