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[Ofertas para Ingenieria Informatica e ITT-Telematica] Several positions at Barcelona...

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Author: Carlos Perez Conde
Posted: 2012-06-06 19:09:30.066849+02

Several positions at Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Barcelona Supercomputing Centre hosts the most powerful supercomputer in   Spain and performs world-class research into computing systems. The centre   has been very successful in European projects and also has various joint   research centres with industry leading technology companies. The BSC is one   of only eight Spanish research centres to be awarded the prestigious Severo   Ochoa grant awarded to the very best Spanish research centres,   internationally amongst the most competitive in their field.      BSC has numerous positions open in various projects:   *	Support & Application consultant. Ref: US2_12   <http://www.bsc.es/about-bsc/employment/vacancies/us212>      *	Técnico junior para soporte a la investigación. Ref: 1US   <http://www.bsc.es/about-bsc/employment/vacancies/1us>      To apply, please upload your CV or Resume and your cover letter to the   reference vacancy at: http://www.bsc.es/about-bsc/employment/vacancies.      For further information: http://www.bsc.es/about-bsc/employment/vacancies      Human Resources Service   Barcelona Supercomputing Center-   Centro Nacional de Supercomputación   www.bsc.es  


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