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[OFER-TRABEC] NAC: Oferta de empleo

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Bolsas de empleo:

Institución:CNB - CSIC
Contacto correo-e:blanca@cnb.csic.es
SOFTWARE DEVELOPER at the INSTRUCT Image Processing Center in Microscopy, CNB-CSIC, Madrid

Description: We are looking for a technically oriented candidate (engineer, physicist, mathematician, computer scientist...) to work in the development of Scipion a software platform to integrate several image processing software packages in electron microscopy. (scipion.cnb.csic.es/docs)

Background: INSTRUCT is the European Strategic Initiative in the area of Structural Biology. During 2009 the Biocomputing Unit (BCU) of the CNB-CSIC won the international competition to become the Center for Image Processing in Biology, starting its operation during 2010 and providing the context for this opening of positions. The BCU is well known in the area of three dimensional electron microscopy, with over 150 publications in the area, including public domains suites of programs and very popular image processing methods.

For further information go to Scipion , Xmipp , Biocomp, and I2PC

Location: Madrid

Required Skills:
○ BS or Master in Computer Science, engineer, physicist, mathematician or equivalent degree.
○ Programming experience with Python (C/C++ is a plus) ○ Experience in GNU Linux OS ○ Experience in collaborative development (git, svn, etc).
○ Medium level of proficiency in written and spoken English ○ The following skills are considered a "plus", but are not essential:
Experience in Desktop applications with Python/Tkinter using multi-threading
Technical experience with work-flows engines.
Experience in Distributed Computing (clusters, grid, cloud)
General background on image processing (electron microscopy knowledge is an additional "plus")

Interested candidates should send their CV's and letter of interest to i2pc@cnb.csic.es

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