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Chiplicity: The Open Source Hardware Development Framework for IC Designes

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Efabless corporation, an online design platform and marketplace for community-developed intellectual property (IP) and integrated circuits (ICs), has introduced Chiplicity, an open source framework for community members to create, share, make derivatives of and commercialize mixed-signal ICs.

"Chiplicity is a first of its kind and extends the efabless electronics community engineering concept from IP to ICs," affirms Mohamed Kassem, efabless' co-founder and chief technology officer. "We make chip design and productizing chips simple and broadly accessible. That's why we call it Chip-licity."

Efabless developed Chiplicity as a development kit for integrated circuits, similar to hardware or software design kits known as HDKs or SDKs. Chiplicity includes all the tools needed for a full design cycle to design, verify, validate and prototype mixed-signal products, from idea to completed manufacturable GDSII files.

It offers the efabless global community of IC designers a set of related library components — an open source chip called Hydra, analog IP ready to wire, a standardized pad frame and a serial interface (SPI). A soft variant of the PicoRV32 RISC-V CPU core, developed by open source active contributor Clifford Wolf, is part of the efabless digital library located in the beta version of CloudV.

Over time, community members will be able to create and verify increasingly complex mixed-signal ASICs. Chiplicity will offer a flexible pad frame generator and additional analog and digital IP, including a variety of microprocessor cores, additional open source IP and community-developed analog IP blocks. Efabless also will offer open source test boards as library components to validate custom analog circuit designs.

Visit efabless.com to learn more about Chiplicity.

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