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[OFER-TRABEC] NAC: PhD Fellowship: Development of ceramic lithium ion

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Institución:CIC Energigune
PhD Fellowship: Development of ceramic lithium ion electrolytes for high performance batteries

Supervisors: Prof. John A. Kilner, Dr.Ainara Aguadero
Goal: The aim of this PhD project is to develop and to optimize ceramic oxide lithium ion conductors electrolytes for advanced battery concepts.

Approach: The objective is to design Li-ion conducting oxides through the understanding of the Li mobility mechanism and the analysis of the relationship between crystal structure and lithium transport properties in different oxide materials. In a second stage the optimization of the microstructure will be studied with the aim of improving the electrochemical performance.

Interest of the project: The current global energy demand and the need to sustain our environment have promoted the search for a new generation of batteries with high storage efficiency. The electrolyte in these devices has to be insulating to electrons but highly conductive to ions with wide electrochemical stability window. Using a solid electrolyte will allow the use of lithium metal as an anode, by blocking the Li dendrite formation, and the exploration of new cathode materials with improved performance. In this regard, the use of ceramic oxides can also provide safer, low cost devices with the possibility of miniaturization that would boost the use of batteries in large scale applications.

What we offer:

Eligible candidates must be registered master students at the UPV/EHU or at other European Universities and being eligible for pre-doctoral fellowship programs.

The contract will commence between September and November 2012. By then, the student should hold the Master degree to have access to the PhD program of a University.

Interested candidates please e-mail the supervisor with its reference in the subject including the following information:

- A cover letter
- Your CV including the BA/BSc qualification on a scale of 1-4
- Names (including e-mail address) of at least two referees
(*) for non-european candidates, the position will be available only once researchers obtain all the immigration permits.

What we need:

1.- Conditions

- Eligible students: candidates must hold a Master degree before the PhD fellowship begins
- National and international candidates are elegible.
- English and skill communications would be particularly valuable.
- Candidates should be highly motivated to pursue a scientific career
- Length: 3 years
- Economical offer: 18.500 € gross per year (aprox. 15.000 net)
- Funding:
* 5 best researchers evaluated: CIC Energigune will assume the investment based on its internal funds. Nevertheless those candidates will be encouraged to apply for grants.
* Other candidates: CIC Energigune will evaluate the possibility of offering a position based on obtaining a grant.

2.- Estimated cost of living in Vitoria

Per Student Per Month (SGD)


Accommodation - per person based on appartment sharing (own bedroom)
250 - 400

Transport Expenses (local)

Total Estimated Cost of Living
490 -640

Información complementaria de la oferta:
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