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e-Inclusion Newsletter - 01/04/2011

1 April 2011

Latest News

Using voice to measure depression - OPTIMI project

(7 March 2011) Major depression affects about 4-8% percent of the general population, causing the loss of the ability to work, to have close relationships, and to have a fulfilling life. Available treatments, though effective, have only modest response rates and, most disturbingly, the question of predicting treatment response in the individual patient is not answerable for any of the currently available therapeutic approaches. A considerable number of patients suffer from recurrent episodes of depression so that the early detection of relapse is key for prevention and the development of effective longterm therapies. Learn more on research done on Speaking Behavior and Voice Sound Characteristics.

Contact: OPTIMI project contact
See also: Other projects in the Personal Health Systems domain

You name it! The race is on to name the new EU Research and Innovation Programme

(28 March 2011) Researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs, innovators, students and other creative individuals have until 10 May to suggest a relevant, appealing and catchy name for the new EU research and innovation programme which will be introduced post-2013. The competition launched by the European Commission today is linked to the ongoing stakeholder consultation on the Commission's Green Paper on the new programme, which will be at the core of the Innovation Union initiative and of the Europe 2020 Strategy. The Commission is proposing a smarter way to support researchers and innovators in Europe – so as to further boost excellence and to help ensure that good ideas reach the market and generate sustainable economic growth and new jobs. The new programme will be based around a "Common Strategic Framework" with different types of funding brought together in a coherent and flexible manner. This will make it possible to better align research funding to addressing global challenges and to making a central contribution to the EU's overall Europe 2020 strategy. Needless red tape will be cut out and participation made simpler. So the Commission is looking for a new name and enlisting the help of distinguished judges to draw up a shortlist of possibilities from the suggestions received. Those will then be put to an online vote.

Job Vacancies at the the Information Society Unit of the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies

(29 March 2011) The Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) is one of the seven scientific institutes of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre. The mission of its Information Society Unit is to carry out research aimed at providing robust, science-based evidence and policy options that support the widespread take up and effective use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the economy and in society. Nine job vacancies are currently open to researchers, two are related to ICT for Learning and ICT for Inclusion. Deadline for application is 12 April 2011.

Contact: jrc-ipts-recruitment(at)

European Commission launches a consultation on the eHealth Action Plan (eHAP) 2012-2020 (deadline 25/05 16:00 Brussels time)

(31 March 2011) This second eHealth action plan (eHAP) provides an opportunity to consolidate the actions which have been addressed to date, take them a step further where possible and provide a longer term vision for eHealth in Europe, in the context the EU 2020 Strategy, the Digital Agenda for Europe as well as Innovation Union and its associated European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing. The consultation is open during 8 weeks.

See also: Link to the online questionnaire - eHealth Action Plan (eHAP) 2012-2020

Study "Towards a Future Internet - Interrelation between Technological, Social and Economic Trends" - Impacts on the European Digital Agenda

4 April 2011 Brussels, Belgium

The purpose of this workshop is to take stock from the findings of a 20-months study carried out by the Oxford Internet Institute for the European Commission. The study aims at understanding the interrelations between technological, social and economic aspects of the Future Internet. The conclusions of the study will be presented and discussed in the context of the Digital Agenda for Europe. In particular the workshop will look at how these conclusions could help to shape the next ICT workprogramme and overall research priorities.

High level conference "Towards the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations (2012)"

29 April 2011 Brussels

The conference will be an important milestone towards the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations (2012) and should help to mobilise stakeholders at all levels. Member States, regional and local authorities, social partners and civil society organisations will be invited to commit on specific objectives and activities in view of the European Year 2012. A first version of the future website of the European Year 2012 will be launched. The conference will also mark the 3rd European Day on Solidarity between Generations.

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