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[OFER-TRABEC] NAC: MSCAGrant_Heat Transfer Enhancement

Boletín semanal de ofertas de empleo publico

Institución:Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (UPCT)
The research group in Heat Transfer Enhancement at Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena is focused on
the experimental and numerical investigation of intensification techniques for heat transfer devices. Our applications extend from tubular heat exchangers with passive techniques to in-line agitators, batch mixers
and implementation of artificial-roughness techniques in solar water heaters.

The group participates actively in different public-funded research calls, both in national and international
levels. The collaboration with companies of the energy and process engineering sectors is also remarkable.
During the last 12 years, the group has published 24 journal papers ranked in Q1 within the category
"Mechanical Engineering". A total number of six doctoral thesis have been defended in the group during this
The group is at the moment running three experimental facilities for thermal-hydraulic research in enhanced
heat transfer techniques. We keep active international collaboration with different Universities and
institutions such as Universidad Miguel Hernández (Spain), Newcastle University (UK), von Karman Institute
(Belgium) and Purdue University (USA).
The applicant will find at Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena an excellent research environment to
develop their project and to boost their research career, in close collaboration with a team of four full-time
academic doctors and several PhD and Master students. Participation in seminars, conferences and training
courses are also fundamental part of the work in this research group.

The aim of the project is the design, building and testing of an innovative system for solar thermal energy
storage in buildings. Heat storage systems are perceived as crucial components in solar energy applications
as they enhance the fraction of energy used increasing the efficiency of the system. In this project, different
PCM materials and enhanced storage filling materials such as metallic foams will be integrated in a solar
collector rig in order to analyze the availability of the system for providing heat in the residential sector for
the production of hot water. The use of different PCM materials and temperature melting values is intended
to design cascade systems for providing storing of heat in different temporal scales.
The project is developed in collaboration with research groups in Wroclaw University (Poland), Universidad
Adolfo Ibáñez (Chile) and Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (República Dominicana).

The tasks of the project are:

Experimental research
Design of the hydraulic and thermal circuits for connecting the flat plate solar collector rig to the new PCM
accumulator and the auxiliary system for extraction of the accumulated heat (cooling system).
Evaluation of different solar collector technologies (vacuum, parabolic trough, Fresnel) and construction
of the appropriate solution for melting PCM at low and medium temperature levels.
Testing of the system, data reduction and analysis of the results.

Numerical research
Modelling of the melting and solidification processes in PCMs of interest for the project, and
implementation in ANSYS Fluent.
Geometrical modelling of the PCM accumulator and filling material.

Simulation of results, and analysis of flow patterns and heat transfer characteristics during the phase
change phenomenon.

Información complementaria de la oferta:
Candidates are requested to send a curriculum vitae (extended version) together with a letter of
presentation and motivation. Extra letters of recommendation are welcome.

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