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[OFER-TRABEC] NAC: MSCAGrant_Soil Science, Chemistry & Agric Techn

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Institución:Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (UPCT)

Our research group, "Environmental Soil Science, Chemistry and Agricultural Technology" belongs to the Agronomy Faculty and focuses on environmental and agricultural aspects of agroecosystems, from the point of view of soils, sediments and natural vegetation and crops. Our research
includes the phytomanagement of metal(loid) polluted sites on semiarid areas as an effective tool to avoid soil erosion and thus the spread of pollutants via wind or run-off water. This integrated approach to the revegetation of polluted areas has been recently incorporated into phytoremediation schemes. Our group members provide a multidisciplinary view of biological and technical issues and includes agricultural engineers, environmentalists and biologists. Our scientific results are supported by publications in high rate impact journals on environmental and soil science fields. We also develop collaborations with other scientific groups (national and international), public bodies and private companies.

This proposal will focus on proposing suitable scientific and technical alternatives for the revegetation of mine tailings in the Sierra of Cartagena La Unión (SE Spain), an arid area, which is especially vulnerable to the consequences of global climate change. A strategy for the environmental restoration at middle-long term will be implemented, including the assessment of the toxicity risks associated to the high metal(loid)concentrations. Therefore, the main goal of the project is to study the effect of biochar (produced from agricultural/urban wastes) in the biogeochemistry, microbiology and toxicity of mining wastes. Moreover, the influence of these effects in the growth performance of native species will be evaluated as key factor to effect the long term phytomanagement of mine tailings in semiarid areas. The resulting conclusions derived from the project will help in the improvement of the revegetation of semiarid polluted sites.

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