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[OFER-TRABEC] NAC: MSCAGrant_Mobile Communication Systems, SiCoMo

Boletín semanal de ofertas de empleo publico

Institución:Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (UPCT)
The research group "Mobile Communication Systems, SiCoMo" consists of nine members, most of them doctors, and its activities focus on the study of radio propagation in wireless channel. The three main research lines are: experimental measurements of radio channel, development of electromagnetic propagation models for prediction of parameters and development of applications based on geographic information systems (GIS) for planning tools.
Extensive and advanced equipment in highlighting the vector and spectrum analyzers up to 300 GHz, and a large number of antennas for the study of radio channel at very different frequencies. In addition, the group has three laboratories located within the ETSIT.
Finally, the research group SiCoMo actively collaborates internationally with other groups of European
universities like the University of Lille in France, the University of Bologna in Italy, and the University of
Ghent in Belgium.

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The goal of this project is the conception and development of a new generation of wireless antenna system architectures, operating into the microwave, millimeter and terahertz frequency domains of the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum, conceived to answer to the 2020-25 coming challenges -predictions around 5G suggest improving factors up to 3 orders of magnitude in terms of capacity, efficiency, and connectivity-, for the growing communications, radar and sensing application needs resulting in a growing demand for systems highly flexible and effective, able to operate in different models (communications, radar sensing),frequency bands (from microwaves to millimeter waves) and environments (indoor-outdoor, cellular to vehicular).
To reach these connectivity capabilities there is a need for a new view to the wireless front-end systems and
in particular to the antenna architecture segment, evolving from the actual radio spectrum usage to a significantly enlarged one covering from the GHz up to the THz domain, with a need for cost-effective compact integrated designs able to respond to the different demands with a highly flexible reconfiguration capability. These significant changes demand for a profound and unified comprehensive approach encompassing from the physical layer affecting new electronic materials and technologies, to the EM signal
conditioning and propagation at the different frequency bands.

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CV, Letter of Motivation.

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