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eHealth Newsletter - 13/12/2010

13 December 2010
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Latest News

eHealthweek 2011 to Focus on Cost and Quality Benefits of IT Solutions in Healthcare

10 May 2011 - 12 May 2011 Budapest, Hungary

Political leaders, Hospital and IT Leadership from across Europe will come together at eHealth Week 2011 in Budapest to advance the continent's digital health infrastructure. The event will feature educational sessions, an exhibition, workshops and many networking opportunities.

Contact: eHealth
See also: Registration will open on December 22nd, 2010

epSOS participates to "Open Government" 2010 conference

15 December 2010 - 16 December 2010 Brussels, Belgium

epSOS is an eHealth ("electronic Health") interoperability project funded by the European Commission. It aims at improving medical treatment of citizens while abroad by providing Healthcare Professionals (HCP) with the necessary electronic and safe patient data. It will be present at the Plenary Session 6: Putting the internal market in practice.

See also: epSOS website

We're Making It Personal – Are You?

17 January 2011 - 18 January 2011 Brussels Marriott, Belgium

Continua Health Alliance is hosting a two-day Personal Connected Health solutions symposium. This symposium will bring healthcare professionals, researchers, world-class companies, entrepreneurs, policy makers, health ministries and other stakeholders together for an in-depth look at a variety of Personal Connected Health solutions and how these tools and services will fit into Europe's current and future model of healthcare. The symposium will specifically target Chronic Condition Management, Ageing Independently and Health & Wellness topics. On the 18th the SmartPersonalHealth (EC funded) project will held its workshop to discuss challenges and opportunities related to the introduction of personal health systems in routine healthcare, and to consider and finalise policy recommendations for the European Commission.

See also: EC Research on Personal Health Systems

EIBIR presents: IMAGINE Workshop

3 March 2011 - 7 March 2011 Vienna, Austria

EIBIR presents this year's IMAGINE Workshop - a new concept for ECR visitors. The sessions will feature research institutes, university groups and research departments of industrial companies , who want to present novel and exciting technological developments in the field of diagnostic and interventional radiology. Focus areas of the IMAGINE Workshop are the development of quantitative imaging biomarkers, computer-aided detection and diagnosis, integrated and interactive visualisation, therapy planning, image guided interventions and robotics, and computer-assisted training. The workshop will feature novel technological developments in, a.o. diagnosis, therapy planning and therapy guidance.

Contact: Inquiries and requests
See also: Abstract Submission deadline: December 31, 2010


(10 December 2010) A dedicated twitter account has been launched to present in one place all the news related to the eHealth ministerial conference, the World of Health IT conference and exhibition, the different satellite events that will take place during the week, the eHealth Governance initiative, the 'European Innovation Partnership' and 'Europe for the Regions' Forums, etc

See also: See the whole series of the eHealthweek events

The UK Pioneers E-healthcare Adoption with Government Support

(9 December 2010) The UK government has successfully implemented several nationwide e-health projects with the support of British Telecom and other industry stakeholders. The main issues faced by telecommunication operators will be to fully understand the healthcare environment and address the various concerns of stakeholders in order to collaborate with national governments for successful e-healthcare initiatives.

See also: eHealth Projects in EU

European pharmacists call for pharmacists access to electronic patient records

(7 December 2010) The Pharmaceuctical Group of the European Union (PGEU) the association representing Community Pharmacists, calls for pharmacists to be granted access to electronic patient records in a statement on eHealth released on 7/12/2010. The statement points out that eHealth represents a major opportunity to improve patient safety and make health services in Europe more cost effective and efficient.

University of Geneve starts patients enrollment in the VPHOP clinical pre-trial

(26 November 2010) The University of Geneve, in collaboration with the NeuroZentrum Zurich, has recently started a VPHOP clinical pre-trial with 30 patients which serves to validate a set of software tools the University of Bern has developed. The possibility to simulate the reaction of the vertebra bones after the introduction of biomaterial represents an important support for clinicians who may explore the effectiveness of the treatment and its biomechanical effects before testing the procedure on the patients.

See also: VPHOP - The Osteoporotic Virtual Physiological Human

Calls for experts to work for CEN Project Teams on Mandate 376

(7 December 2010) Two calls for experts have been launched: One (deadline 6 January 2011) for up to 9 experts for an ETSI Specialist Task Force (STF) VH to perform Phase 2 of Mandate 376 on European accessibility requirements for public procurement of product and services in the ICT domain. One (deadline 21 January 2011) for 5 experts for a CEN Project Team to work on the above mentioned Phase 2 of Mandate 376.

New in the Library

Getting in early: New opportunities to access ICT Research and Innovation

10 December 2010

How early can you go in as an investor in start-up ICT businesses and what are the risk and benefits? Over 2000 ICT R&D projects are supported by the European Commission through its 7th R&D ICT framework programme, with a budget of €9.1bn. The ICT framework covers a wide range of different ICT areas. Yet of all these R&D projects supported by EU finance only a small number go on to commercialise the results and successfully spin out a viable business and go on to attract finance and capitalize on the EC investment, meaning that many potentially very exciting new technologies, products and services never get to the market place- and never get to the equity community. Learn why investors should invest in ICT R&D projects at early stage.

REACTION newsletter (Remote Accessibility to Diabetes Management and Therapy in Operation healhcare Networks)

9 December 2010

The REACTION project is committed to improve the daily life of diabetes patients across Europe with the aid of world class Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The project is developing an integrated ICT platform that will improve long term management of diabetes based on wearable, continuous blood glucose monitoring sensors and automated closed-loop delivery of insulin. The theme of this first issue is the potential benefits of the REACTION platform and how the project investigated disease management and clinical practise to derive the best possible requirements for the technical work that is already underway.

See also: Other projects - Personal Health Systems

Council conclusions on the EPC- Commission Joint Report on health systems in the EU

7 December 2010

The Council WELCOMES the Joint Report and HIGHLIGHTS that Health spending contributes to better health, which contributes to economic prosperity through higher labour market participation and productivity and will therefore be crucial in the context of an ageing society and longer working lives. Health spending absorbs a significant and growing share of resources and all EU Member States face strong and growing pressures on their health systems. The health sector in Europe is also a major employer and a source of innovation and hence supports jobs and knowledge creation.

See also: EC eHealth - Policy

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