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[OFER-TRABEC] NAC: Staff and Post-Doc, Senior and Chief Researchers

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Institución:Instiute IMDEA Networks
Institute IMDEA Networks ( is an independent, non-profit research institute located at University Carlos III of Madrid (, one of Europe's leading universities in Telematics Engineering. Institute IMDEA Networks is establishing itself internationally at the forefront in the development of future Internet technologies and has already incorporated highly-reputed scientists (see our research team team at

We are looking for outstanding researchers at all levels of the professional career, ranging from those who have recently achieved their Ph.D. (Staff and Post-Doc Researchers) to tenured Senior Researchers and very distinguished Chief Researchers:

Successful candidates should have:
* Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and/or Computer Science
* Near-native level of English (please note: Spanish is not required)
* Research experience in the field of networking in particular in services, protocols and algorithms
* Significant scientific record backed by high-impact international publications
* Ability to undertake academic research at the highest level
* Substantial experience in supervising Ph.D. students (in the case of applicants for Chief and Senior Researcher positions)

We are offering:
* Permanent contract
* Demanding and challenging research environment
* Substantial research funding for personnel and equipment
* State-of-the-art labs and facilities
* International, multicultural and fun workplace
* No undergraduate teaching responsibilities (although some post-graduate teaching duties may be undertaken at collaborating universities in Madrid)
* Supervision of Ph.D. students enrolled in collaborating universities in Madrid
* Internationally competitive salary and working conditions
* Comprehensive health care for you and your family
* High quality of life in Madrid
* Share of IPR revenues arising from your work here at Institute IMDEA Networks
* Full support to transfer research results to industry or to start-up your own company

Evaluation Date:
* January 27th: we have an open call and we will be performing a single batch evaluation of all applications received up to, and including, January 27th, 2011.

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