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Non-destructive inspection of hybrid components
A 3-year PhD candidate position

A PhD candidate position is available with the Center for Mathematical Morphology at MINES-ParisTech. The Center for Mathematical Morphology - located in the town center of Fontainebleau (near Paris) - groups 12 permanent researchers, and a team of around 15 PhD candidates and PostDocs.

This PhD will focus on developing a new non-destructive inspection process of hybrid components. Hybrid components are composed of a metallic inner skeleton and outer composite coating. Being light-weighted and rigid such components are gaining in popularity and are used in many industrial domains, such as the aeronautics, car industry and others where reducing the overall weigh is important.

The manufacturing process can cause a range of defects. Consequently, at the end of the manufacturing process critical, highly optimized components need to be tested against several criteria affecting their strength or dimensions. The defects affecting the strength may also occur in the composite coating. Most frequent ones are small voids, fiber and resine segregations, fiber misalignments or poor distribution, cracks and others. The defects regarding the dimensions include deviation from desired dimensions, geometry or displacement of various parts.

The inspection and detection of defects is routinely done using various imaging methods including the tomography allowing to acquire a 3D image of the component. The potential of the hybrid components being particulalry light-weighted is particularly interesting in large-sized components which in turn makes difficult the imaging in standard tomographs. This has lead to the development of agile tomography, where the large size component is motionless and the X-ray source and the imaging device move around held by two cooperating robotic arms.

This PhD thesis will aim at developing methods for automated detection and classification of defects in images acquired using the agile tomography. It makes part of a collaborative project Metrox. The project is to start on the beginning of 2015 provided it receives the support of the french public authorities.

Required skills

  • A master of research degree in image or signal processing, or equivalent
  • Programming skills in C/C++, python, java
  • Fluent English or French

Send your cover letter, resume, list of followed lectures and notes by e-mail to petr.dokladal@mines-paristech.fr

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