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e-Inclusion Newsletter - 24/05/2011

24 May 2011

Latest News

Commission selects six future and emerging technologies (FET) projects to compete for research funding

(4 May 2011) Six research projects selected to compete for two top spots in the area of research into future and emerging technologies (FET) have been announced today by the European Commission at the FET11 conference and exhibition in Budapest. The six contenders will receive around €1.5 million each to refine their proposal for one year, after which only two will be selected. The aim of these flagship initiatives will be to deliver major breakthroughs in information and communication technologies (ICT), with the potential to provide solutions to some of society's biggest challenges. The two initiatives selected for long-term funding will run for 10 years, each with a total budget of up to €100 million per year.

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You could not attend eHealth Week 2011?

(16 May 2011) and you still want to have a comprehensive overview of what happened?


Digital Agenda for Europe Video Contributions

(18 May 2011) Making the Digital Agenda a reality is a collaborative effort of citizens, companies, NGOs, and governments. So why not share with us what you are actually doing to make it happen, and what you think you need to achieve a greater impact? Make a short video, "Making the Digital Agenda happen" and post it on YouTube. Send us the details using this form and it will appear on this website for others to watch and rate. We will show the top-rated videos at the Plenary Session of the Digital Agenda Assembly. Deadline for posting videos is midnight CET on 31st May. Material provided should be copyright free.

See also: Read the full terms and conditions (pdf)

Support for companies developing Ambient Assisted Living solutions to achieve the market breakthrough

7 June 2011 Brussels, Belgium

The underlying motivation for the workshop is the potential for significant economic and social impact from the introduction – on a wide scale – of innovative AAL solutions. While this potential has been recognized for some time, breakthroughs in terms of widespread availability and deployment of solutions have yet to be achieved. The EU and the AAL Association have funded activities in this area for some years, and some of these are now at a stage in their development where direct hands-on involvement of development companies is the best way to make sure that this work produces results that are effective and applicable in real industrial settings. The workshop is directed at companies whose business involves the development of software components or complete solutions for AAL (Ambient Assisted Living). The participation of SMEs is particularly welcome. The workshop is organised by the AAL Open Association, the European Commission – ICT for Inclusion unit, and supported by the AAL Association. While participation is open to all, registration is compulsory.

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ICT Finance MarketPlace Venture Academy and Investment Forum for SMEs

15 June 2011 - 16 June 2011 Brussels, Belgium

ICT Finance MarketPlace is an initiative to improve access to finance for innovative ICT Small and Medium Sized Enterprises(SMEs). The event is run in conjunction with the EU Digital Agenda Assembly. The Venture Academy consists of a one-day, coaching event where experienced coaches from relevant industry areas will help SMEs pragmatically to develop their pitching skills towards potential investors. The Investment Forum offers SMEs the opportunity to showcase their business in front of an international network of venture capital and corporate investors, strategic partners and expert advisors. Awards for the best investor presentations will be presented by Commissioner Kroes during the Digital Agenda Assembly.

Technology Works ! Person Centred Technology in the workplace.

22 June 2011 Cardiff, United Kingdom

The person-centred use of technology can ensure disabled people reach their full potential in work and greatly increases employment possibilities for disabled people and employers. This conference will explore the use of Person Centred Technology (PCT) in the workplace, showcase good practice and highlight policy and practice issues.

i-access: Accessible Information Provision for Lifelong Learning

22 June 2011 - 24 June 2011 Copenhagen, Denmark

Accessible Information Provision for Lifelong Learning (i-access) is a one year project of the European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education with the aim of raising awareness of the issues surrounding accessible information provision for Lifelong Learning and developing recommendations on how it can be addressed.This project is co-financed by a European Community Grant under the Lifelong Learning Transversal Programme, Key Activity 1: Policy Co-operation and Innovation. The conference aims to discuss the implications of accessible information for Lifelong Learning, as well as identifying practical recommendations.

MIE2011 - 23rd International Conferences of the European Federation for Medical Informatics

28 August 2011 - 31 August 2011 Oslo, Norway

The conference special theme is "User Centered Networked Health Care". Keynote addresses, parallel sessions, workshops, panels and posters will discuss several upcoming, unresolved challenges for 21-century health care ranging personalized health, mobility, access to information, standardization, decisions-making, self-care, and education. Highlight of the offer program also include visit with workshops at Akershus University Hospital, an invitational track "Partnerships in Innovation", and a "MIE Village of the future" to profile envisioned personalized personal health information systems, support for ambient assisted living and future health service infrastructure. MIE2011 is hosted by the Norwegian Society of Medical Informatics and European Federation of Medical Informatics (EFMI).

See also: Registration

Internet and Societies - New innovation paths

7 September 2011 - 9 September 2011 Brussels, Belgium

The main objective of this event will be to give an insight in possible and probable interactions between Internet and societal developments in the next decades, from which recommendations on innovative research areas and applications to explore can be derived. It aims to offer the participants a platform to access and exchange valuable information, to meet and interact with leading stakeholders from Europe and the rest of the world.

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