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[OFER-TRABEC] NAC: Fellowships for graduate students in India

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Institución:IDIBELL, Barcelona, Spain
In the frame of a new cooperation agreement with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, the
Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) launches a new programme to support
predoctoral students for the year 2011.
In the context of a new scientific reality that began in 2008, which redefined the groups
conforming the 6 scientific areas, as well as the new context of the IDIBELL being one of
the 13 Spanish accredited Health Institute recognised by the Instituto de Salud Carlos III,
this new program aims to be an opportunity for graduate students from Vicente Ferrer
Foundation in India pursuing a PhD degree in biomedical sciences.
At the IDIBELL, graduate students work in a highly collaborative research environment with
leading scientists and clinicians. They share the IDIBELL campus with two of the largest
translational research hospitals in Spain, the Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge and the
Catalan Institute of Oncology.
1. Object. – This new programme aims to support PhD student by incorporating them
into IDIBELL research teams developing a funded R+D project, with the final goal of
reaching a PhD degree. According to the strategic line of this programme, the candidates
with a high score CV and high motivation, will be favoured.
2. Eligibility criteria. – Applicants must meet the following general criteria to be
eligible for a fellowship award:
a) Must have completed and been awarded a bachelor degree in biomedical sciences, at
the time of incorporation
b) Must not be hired or have another fellowship at the moment of incorporation
IDIBELL‐FVF Cooperation program for predoctoral students ‐ 2011
c) Must enrol a PhD Programme.
d) The research programme of the candidate must be part of a project in force with private
or public funding (those projects the promoter being a pharmaceutical company are
excluded) lead by an investigator of IDIBELL.
3. Period and Stipend. – The fellowship will last for 4 years, renewed at an annual basis.
Each year, the candidate will submit a report which will be evaluated by the Scientific
Committee who will decide the continuation of the candidate.
Stipend Information: The stipends for graduate students at the IDIBELL are adjusted yearly;
the level is adjusted to the IDIBELL Fellowships (13.200€ gross, the first year. Please find
enclosed the cost itemize which included the Spanish Social Security).
Annual cost for graduate student at IDIBELL
Salary Social Security Total Cost
First year 13.200,00 408,84 13.608,84
Second year 13.824,00 408,84 14.232,84
Third year (hired) 14.450,00 4.638,45 19.088,45
Fourth year (hired) 15.072,00 4.838,11 19.910,11
4. Applications. – Prospective candidates must provide the following information:
a) A letter of support from the Vicente Ferrer Foundation
b) A motivation letter from the student
c) A copy of the passport
d) Copy of the bachelor's degree and an official copy of the academic record.
e) Currículum vitae of the candidate.
f) A copy of the funded research proposal and the Cv from the principal investigator. Each
project can only have one student for the four year period.
g) Working plan of the student, specifying the student's tasks for the 4 year period.
h) A report from the principal investigator explaining the motivations for having a student.
5. Deadline.
The deadline to present the applications will May 22th.
No application will be accepted after the deadline.
IDIBELL‐FVF Cooperation program for predoctoral students ‐ 2011
Applications must be sent to the following address: with the subject: "BEQUES IDIBELL‐FVF "
6. Selection and evaluation criteria. – Evaluation of proposals will be performed by the
follow‐up Committee and the Scientific director of IDIBELL.

Información complementaria de la oferta:
Please, send CV to before May 22th.
Academic transcript greater than 2 is required.
Eligible candidates will be notified by e‐mail

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