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[OFER-TRABEC] NAC: Contratos predoctorales de formacion en investigac

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Institución:Fundacio Institut de Recerca Vall d´Hebron
Contacto correo-e:Juan.recio@vhir.org
We are looking for qualified candidates to apply for Pre–doctoral PFIS (Ministerio de Sanidad /Instituto de Salud Carlos III) and pursuit a PhD.
Vall d´Hebron Institut program of Oncology is designed to provide comprehensive training in Cancer Research. The Animal Models and Cancer laboratory and Multidisciplinary Melanoma Group will offer to the candidate the opportunity to study the molecular and genetic basis of malignant melanoma and be involved in the developing of novel effective therapeutic strategies. To that end, the candidate will be involved in a multi-disciplinary project where tumors are studied in close proximity to the patient, combining these investigations with in vitro studies (cell lines) and in vivo experiments.

Candidate Qualifications
Candidates have to be completed a Biomedicine, Biochemistry, Biology or another related degree within the last two years.
The will have to have excellent grades, (2.7 or higher (scale 1-4)) Academic records required.
They will have to be studying a Master degree or have finished within less than a year.
English proficiency
Previous experience in research (cell biology, molecular biology and animal models) will be desirable.

Información complementaria de la oferta:
Interested persons should send a letter of intention, their CV and academic records to Dr Recio , e-mail: juan.recio@vhir.org.

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