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Head Movement Remote Control with C.H.I.P and Arduino

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When you can't find your remote, you may think of this as an inconvenience, perhaps making you revert to physically pressing buttons on your TV or other electronic device. For those with certain disabilities, even using an infrared remote in the traditional manner can present a real challenge. As seen here, to address this, hackers Cassio Batista and Erick Campos have developed a system that takes head movements, and translates them into infrared (IR) commands for a television or other similarly-controlled device.

This open source control system uses a simple USB webcam to capture a user's movements, and send them to a C.H.I.P single-board computer. This board then translates movements into the intended commands via OpenCV, then relays this information to an Arduino Uno via Bluetooth. Finally, the Arduino completes the control sequence, sending IR commands to the controlled device.

While this process sounds — and is — rather involved, as shown in the video demonstration, response time is very quick. Batista goes through the steps of turning on a television, changing the channel and volume, and finally turning it off again, all with head movement. Programming new devices for IR control should be straightforward, and the use of a remote Arduino IR sender over Bluetooth would allow it to be placed where most convenient.


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